About Us

Catrina's Popcorn

Personal Story
My mother founded Cat's Cajun Corn and instilled entrepreneur qualities in me from an early age. She would give me $20 and say "you can spend it, or grow it" - and I often chose to grow my money. By the age of twelve I had sold various products, from donut holes to pens, and even ice cream. In my teen years my life took an unexpected turn when I was trafficked by an exploiter throughout California, until I escaped in 2012. I have since dedicated my life to educating other ladies about the warning signs. My dream is to empower young people and victims of trafficking by showing them no matter what you have experienced, you can always overcome it. I am living proof.

Business Background
My mother became ill when I was a child, and we had to eventually close our family business. After we closed, it didn't seem to matter what kind of popcorn I bought - it was the same flavors no matter where I went. About a year ago, I finally got tired of eating the same flavors and decided to do something about it. I didn't realize how good our popcorn was until we closed - people have been asking for years when we would bring our popcorn back. With my mother's blessing and years of training, Catrina's Gourmet Popcorn sprouted from Cat's Cajun Corn. We use a 33-year-old family recipe that has been fine tuned to deliver a taste that will leave you craving more. Catrina's Gourmet Popcorn prides ourselves in providing wholesome and snacks that are gluten-free and have no artificial preservatives. Our product is so delicious "one taste will leave you wanting more!" We want to meet the worldwide demand for the Amazing Taste of our popcorn, so you can expect to see us in stores near you soon. In the meantime, we welcome you to try Catrina's Gourmet Popcorn for yourself by ordering online.