Mimish Sleep-N-Pack 50 F Packable Kid s Sleeping Bag & Backpack Donuts Print

Be Free Toys

$ 35.99

Sleep-overs camping and playtime will be a blast with Sleep-N-Pack by Mimish! It?s a packable sleeping bag that transforms into a backpack. We made this multi-function patented design to be the perfect sleeping bag and functional backpack. Sleep-N-Pack is a high-quality slumber bag/backpack that kids will love and makes life easier for parents. Features soft colorful fabrics 2-way zippers built-in hood and thick fill. When rolled up as a backpack it maintains its shape with Velcro tabs. Specially constructed pockets adjustable padded shoulder straps and buckles make it easy for your child to pack/unpack. The plush ?mink? fabric on the inside and outside is super soft in colorful and fashionable Donuts Print and Pink liner. Kids will be happy to pack & carry their Sleep-N-Pack giving families more time to enjoy less time on cleanup. Ages 3-6 yrs. or up to 4 tall. How To Use: Your Sleep-n-Pack will arrive packed as a backpack. To use as a Sleeping Bag simply unbuckle the backpack release t

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