FAO Schwarz Roller Coaster Build Set - 736pc

Be Free Toys

$ 27.99

Build a real working roller coaster with clear and easy-to-follow step by step instructions! Standing at just under three feet tall The roller coaster is a miniature Model of a real roller coaster and makes a great addition or display to a child s bedroom or playroom. Suitable for boys or girls the kit teaches engineering and physics fundamentals. Real motorized parts the included battery-powered motor (requires 2 AA batteries not included) powers the track that lifts the motor car up the roller coaster track?s slope. After setting the car on the track Let the motor and chain mechanism do the work as the car ascends the track! Once it reaches the top gravity does the work of sending the car shooting down the twisting and turning roller coaster track. Once it reaches the bottom The chain lifts the car to start the cycle over!

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